Boot camp

Boot campBeing involved in a progressive boot camp training programme can contribute towards improving and developing our physical fitness and lead us towards the optimum of total fitness.

All boot camp activities are focused around having fun, getting fresh air and working as hard as you can. This boot camp has a twist to others, we are using TRX’s, Kettlebells, Power Bags and Battling ropes. We hope this doesn't sound daunting as it is all relatively straight forward and training will be provided.

You will be personally encouraged and supported and you will quickly see fitness gains without really noticing the hard work you are putting in because the whole emphasis is on having fun.

It is hard to believe that such a diverse group can form a cohesive class. How is this achieved? By knowing each individual in the session – what injuries they have, what their strengths and weaknesses are. By always having and alternative exercise if someone can’t do something. But most importantly, by our knowledge, experience and passion.

Don’t forget your water bottle and suitable clothing. In wet weather bring a bin liner to sit on in your car. Another tip is bring a dry pair of trainers and a carrier bag for the squidgy ones!

Typical Class - duration 1 hour - view timetable

A fun warm up will be followed by different stations located around the field. There is a variety of exercises that include cardio work and body weight work. There is limited rest which will help burn fat and improve weight loss. Groups work together to foster team, encouragement and fun. Typical stations include skipping, running through ladders, jumping hurdles, trx, kettlebells, rope work, star jumps, burpees, push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats and much more.

We end with a cool down to stretch those tired limbs. The aim is to have fun and that you don’t realise you are pushing yourselves or beginners forget they are exercising.

  • Fun and interactive warm up
  • Cardio and body weight work
  • Limited rest to help with fat burn and improve weight loss
  • Team work with encouragement fostering a fun environment
  • Cool down to limit soreness and make sure we are ready and prepared for the next session
  • Attractive to all fitness levels
  • Exercises can be regressed or progressed according to ability
  • Designed to be challenging whilst not overwhelming