“A sensible exercise routine together with a healthy eating plan is the most sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off”

What is Fitquest4Life? This is now available online

A lifestyle club and aimed at anyone who wants to:

  • Lose weight;
  • Get fit and healthy without dieting;
  • Learn about nutrition;
  • Fats;
  • Protein;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Fibre;
  • Vitamins and minerals;
  • Cooking techniques and recipes;
  • Exercise for 30 minutes in the fat burning zone;
  • Maintain a realistic lifestyle that can be maintained forever and transferred to our families.

Is Fitquest4Life right for me?

This programme will suit anyone and is very simple to follow, if you;

  • Have tried many diets, lost weight and then started eating normally again and regained your weight plus a bit more – sound familiar?;
  • Would like to learn about nutrition and how to eat to be fit and healthy;
  • Learn exercise techniques to burn fat and speed metabolism;
  • If you are interested in reducing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more ‘horribles’, with the added bonus of increasing self esteem;
  • Are a bit of ‘all of the above’ plus want a really good fatblast exercise class to heighten your metabolic rate.

How does it work?

We will start off with a 14 day plan to get rid of toxins and give your system a kick start to burn fat and increase metabolism. Thereafter you will be monitored and you can introduce the 80% eat clean rule and the 20 % chill rule. All advice, support and menu ideas will be provided. The online product differs slightly.

We are only interested in eating pure foods, we do not calorie count, we do not insist you live off shakes, or just protein, or no carbohydrates. It is a simple eating programme based on good eating and a healthy exercise plan. You will be advised on how to eat to lose weight, be healthy and get fit.

How Much




Joining Fee

£120 for 12 weeks to be used within 14 weeks. 

Fitquest bootcamps members (ticket holders) 10% discount - £108

To apply for your discount code please email


£150 for 12 weeks - to be used within 14 weeks.

Fitquest bootcamps members (ticket holders) 10% discount - £135. 


25% off future nutrition plans - does not include any other discounts.

Follow on (under review)
12 weeks - £75
4 weeks - £26 
Weekly - £7.50


  • Arrange for a friend to take 3 pictures of you in swimwear or underwear (front, side and reverse);
  • Keep a food diary;
  • Calculate your body mass index (BMI) – calculations will be provided;
  • Measure your waist to hip ratio – advice how to do this will be given online or in the class;
  • Takes some simple measurements – advice to be given;
  • Live clients - we will take your blood pressure and resting heart rate on week 1 and 12. (please avoid exercise, alcohol, caffeine, heavy meal prior to blood pressure measurement);
  • Online clients - it will be a great idea for you to arrange to have your blood presssure and resting heart rate measured on week 1 and 12. Kit list: Tape measure, scales (this can be done at your local gym or pharmacy), training clothes, trainers, exercise mat, water bottle, tupperwear and a heart rate monitor is optional. 


After joining



  • Sign up and get your log in to release Phase 1 and your recipes. 
  • The other 2 Phases will be released after you have submitted your results and photos (optional).  We will email you within 3-5 working days with analysis, feedback and your next Phase.
  • Nutrition advice
  • Address any problem areas via emails/Facebook page;
  • Every 4 weeks there is another Phase to enter to get maximum results
  • Every 4 weeks, please send in your pictures
  • Every 4 weeks we will provide feedback on your results and forward you the next Phase 
  • Weekly ‘Fatblast’ exercise video posted to facebook page 
  • Welcome and weigh in, blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • We will provide support, advice, guidance and of course encouragement. We have a private Facebook page for members (we strongly recommend you can access this
  • Nutrition presentations;
  • Discuss any problem areas;
  • Every 4 weeks you will be instructed to take your measurements
  • Every 4 weeks you need to detox as per week one and two
  • Weekly ‘Fatblast’ exercise class.
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate will be taken on week 1 and 12


Want real proof that it works?

F4L Example 1
F4L Example 2
F4L Example 3


"I joined Fitquest4Life because I had been struggling for months to lose weight myself and felt I needed encouragement to eat healthier.   I chose Fitquest because unlike other plans I knew I would get support with my diet as well as exercise.

The last 11 weeks have been better than I could ever have imagined. I have gained so much knowledge about different types of foods and the effects they have on our bodies, that I am now able to make educated choices about what I eat and why. The support from the group each week has been fantastic and the facebook page has been a constant source of support, encouragement and inspiration, there is always someone to offer advice if you need it.

I now have the knowledge and understanding to eat the correct foods that will be satisfying, keep be full for longer and taste delicious, I know how to make quick healthy meals if im in a rush and meals that we can enjoy as a whole family, I can make better decisions when out and have a better understanding of what my body needs and when.  I am enjoying food more than ever.

During my first 11 weeks, I have lost 11lbs, 2 inches from my chest, 6inches from my waist!! And 6.5 inches from my hips!! Its shown me that sometimes when the numbers on the scales aren’t as much as you would have liked, the inches can still be going down.

I will be continuing with the plan and would recommend it to anyone who needs support and encouragement to have a healthier, happier lifestyle."