Kate; Emersons Green

"I was a regular gym goer attending weekly spin and bodypump classes but I wanted to mix it up a bit and to keep my body guessing.
I found out about the bootcamp sessions and thought I'd give it a go.
I find the outdoor sessions so much more enjoyable than being stuck in a stuffy gym. The routines are challenging yet worthwhile with the afterburn.
The range of exercises are guaranteed to give you the body results you want and increase your fitness. As a police officer I have to keep fit and active for my job and I find the sessions help with this. I have definitely seen a difference in my fitness levels since June.
Louise makes a point of getting to know everyone who attends which I find refreshing for a trainer. She motivates you when she sees you slacking and that just pushes you to do more.
I find the sessions to be addictive and will definitely be keeping it up".

Kate; Emersons Green
Course taken - Boot Camp