Lesley; Henfield

"Returning to the school hall reminded me its a year since I started coming to fitquest - and what a year its been so I thought I would share my story.
I first heard of Fitquest through my association with The Manor School - when I saw the flyer in the book bag I thought that looks interesting but unfortunately the times of the classes back then clashed with my childrens busy social calender! When the classes moved to the hall and a later time slot was available I had no excuse, and up until this point I was using a number of excuses not to do strenuous exercise, with two prolapsed discs being top of the list!.
Don't get me wrong throughout my 47 years I've been quite an active person - but that all stopped 5 years ago when I started having back pain which culminated in muscle spasms leaving me paralysed with pain - years of chiropractor visits and more recently physio got me into a place where I was managing the pain but frightened to do anything too strenuous. The inevitable happened my fitness levels went down hill and my weight, which I have struggled with for the best part of my life went up hill!
So enough was enough and a year ago I walked into the school hall for my free trial thinking I'll give it a go and see how I get on, but secretly bricking it - I needn't have worried - Lou made a special effort to understand my problems but more importantly came up with regressions on the exercises so I could cope but still join in and not feel the odd one out. The right balance of serious work, strong encouragement from Lou and Mark and a few laughs (ok a lot of laughs sometimes) meant the session was really fun - odd I know given the way my body ached for days afterwards but I was completely hooked from that point. I started with one evening then as the number of classes on offer grew so did my attendance - I'm still staggered I haul my butt out of bed to go to the 7.30am Saturday morning session!
After a few months I was really pleased with what I was achieving and still enjoying every minute of it - my fitness levels were up and my weight was coming down - 10lb off without even dieting so when Lou and Nic started talking about their new venture Fitquest4Life which incorporated a healthy food programme with exercise I was seriously tempted. I've tried a number of the diets in the past but they all lead to one place - boredom sets in and before you know it you give up and your back to square one. Fitquest4Life was promoting something different - so again I thought lets give it a go and barring a few personal decisions I've made in my life like saying yes to the man I married and having children its one of the best ones I've made. I'm 24 weeks in - 22lbs lighter (32 in total) and 21 inches smaller - not only am I fitter and thinner then I've been in a very long time my confidence in how I feel about my self has soared and the best thing is I'm still enjoying it.
I know it sounds too good to be true - and I have to admit its not been all plain sailing, I've had my set backs in the time I've been coming but the encouragement I get from Lou, Nic and Mark with the passion they have for what they do has kept me heading in the right direction. I look back on the last year and I'm blown away by how far I've come - Fitquest has changed me in more ways then one and for this I thank you."

Lesley, Henfield;
Course taken - Boot Camp and Fitquest4Life