Rachel; Frampton Cotterell

"So a year ago I left my house for my normal Tues morning run, but i didn't run past the manor playing fields this time, instead i stopped and joined what is now called the Tues crew! of Bootcamp sessions headed up by the very talented Lou of Fitquest.

My neighbour had told me (nagged me) about this Boot Camp session which was "amazing" and she wasn't exaggerating. Lou was friendly and welcoming from the minute i got there, I couldn't have picked a wetter session to start but that stood me in good stead for ALL the weather conditions which were to follow!!!, and i mean ALL. Come rain shine and lots more I'm there and i love it, so much so i often try for three BC sessions a week now.

The fitquest team of Lou, Mark and Nic are amazing and inspirational, I was addicted straight away. They have made a group of complete strangers friends!!!!, crews, training buddies and so much more!

You have improved lots!!!.... BP, confidence, body shape, fitness, moods!!....Its easier to say you have improved EVERY aspect of my life!!.. so enough gush, lets just say

I LOVE BOOTCAMP, BIG HUGS AND THANKS....heres to the next year!!!! xxxxxxx"

Rachel; Frampton Cotterell
Course taken - Boot Camp