Richie; Bitton

"To kick off...a flashback 5 months ago ...

A few stats cause I know you love this stuff - weight - 15 stone 2lb, waist - nudging 38", chest and moobs - 44", collar size 16.5", general energy levels and sense of well being - 3/4 out of 10. Stamina and ability to run...about 400 mtrs.
Fast forward a little over 4 months - weight - 13 stone exactly, waist 34" but doing my belt up so nearer 33", chest with no moobs - 40", collar size 15.5" general energy levels and sense of well being - 8/9 out of 10. Completed sprint tri in Sept and running a 10K in brighton this weekend, oh, almost forgot the madness of 70.3 iron man Mallorca next May...yikes!

My thoughts...the weight and fitness are just one half of it - without giving some mumbo jumbo about exercice being really good for your head, it really is. No doubt about that..fact! Blasting an hour of positive exercise in great company, with great tunes and with great encouragement, outdoors, come rain or shine can only be good for you. I came along to the first session at the end of June, not sure what to expect. I was immediately made to feel welcome, included, and part of the group by Lou, Mark and Nic. The first run around the field was a challenge, but you soon realise that there's no need or pressure to try and keep up with someone who is clearly fitter/more experienced than you; you just do your own thing at your pace, just work hard for you, and that's all you guys have ever asked. That has stuck with me - that it's as hard as you want to make it, and now I try to make it as hard as poss and work hard each time as not only do results start to show outwardly, but definately internally with a different half pint full not empty approach. I am really aware of having moved from one of the least strong runners to a group where I hold my own over the half mile warm up and beyond. I have heard about Boot Camps around Bristol where people are made to feel inferior, even worthless as some kind of motivational's no surprise that very few people stick to that and I'm glad to say these set ups don't prosper long term. The Fitquest approach is a MILLION miles from this, a whole stratosphere away - Encourage, motivate, encourage, see results, encourage, motivate, encourage, see results, and repeat, with a few laughs chucked in. Simply brilliant. x"

Richie, Bitton
Course taken - Boot Camp