Lucy; Coalpit Heath

"Having tried most other forms of exercise and failing miserably, I stumbled upon Fitquest Boot camp through Facebook. It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to turn up on my own, I needn't had worried a warm welcome and a fantastic workout awaited me.

Wendy; Frampton Cotterell

"Hi Lou, I just wanted to say that I am officially addicted to boot camp. I have NEVER found a fitness session that has kept me motivated the way that you and boot camp do. I have trained at gyms for years but never saw any gains - I obviously wasn't pushing myself hard enough. I push myself really hard during your sessions and my body shape has changed dramatically, which gives me the motivation to keep going. Nick is truely shocked at how much I love going. My core strength is much better and my lower back pain has decreased. I just can't thank you enough.

Anon; Eastville

Health and Happiness – One Year On
"What a difference a year makes this time last year I was about to go on holiday with the normal dread. What do you wear on the beach? Just before my holiday I walked onto The Manor Fields in Coalpit Heath to Fitquest.
One year on I am over a stone lighter and dropped 2 dress sizes, I am by no means the lightest I have ever been but certainly the slimmest and fittest.

Lisa; Frampton Cotterell

"Joining Fitquest4life 12 weeks ago is one of the best things that I've ever done. It's a complete change of lifestyle for me and I'm enjoying it so much. I'm feeling so much healthier and happier.
My attitude to food has changed. I don't want to eat just for the sake of it and eating loads of crap!
I've dropped dress sizes, work uniforms hang off me and I feel so much more confident and it is such an easy plan to follow!
Not only is it run by two fabulous Instructors who have been so supportive and encouraging, I have also made some special friendships.

Jayne; Yate

"Hiya. I just wanted to say it was my 1st year anniversary at bootcamp today. I walked in on my own a big size 18, I'd never ran since school and I was a little scared. Everyone was so nice & welcoming. A year on I'm a size 14, ran my first 4 mile race last week & I have lowered my blood pressure, improved my resting heart rate & lost another 17lbs joining fitquest4life 9 weeks ago. I thank Lou, Nic, Claire, Mark & all my fellow bootcampers".

Jayne; Yate
Course taken - Fitquest4Life and bootcamp

Jackie; Stoke Gifford

"Here's my story. I was diagnosed with coeliacs disease 12 years ago although I have been ill since I was 4 years old and I am now almost 50. I have had regular appointments over the last 12 years at the hospital to get my coeliac disease under control. In February I started going to Bootcamp and then in April I joined Fitquest4Life. Since then I have lost 16 lbs and 22 inches. Apart from that I feel so much healthier. Last week I went for my check up with the consultant who told me he was going to discharge me as my coeliacs was under control.