Jayne; Yate

"Hiya. I just wanted to say it was my 1st year anniversary at bootcamp today. I walked in on my own a big size 18, I'd never ran since school and I was a little scared. Everyone was so nice & welcoming. A year on I'm a size 14, ran my first 4 mile race last week & I have lowered my blood pressure, improved my resting heart rate & lost another 17lbs joining fitquest4life 9 weeks ago. I thank Lou, Nic, Claire, Mark & all my fellow bootcampers".

Jayne; Yate
Course taken - Fitquest4Life and bootcamp

Lisa; Frampton Cotterell

"Joining Fitquest4life 12 weeks ago is one of the best things that I've ever done. It's a complete change of lifestyle for me and I'm enjoying it so much. I'm feeling so much healthier and happier.
My attitude to food has changed. I don't want to eat just for the sake of it and eating loads of crap!
I've dropped dress sizes, work uniforms hang off me and I feel so much more confident and it is such an easy plan to follow!
Not only is it run by two fabulous Instructors who have been so supportive and encouraging, I have also made some special friendships.

Anon; Eastville

Health and Happiness – One Year On
"What a difference a year makes this time last year I was about to go on holiday with the normal dread. What do you wear on the beach? Just before my holiday I walked onto The Manor Fields in Coalpit Heath to Fitquest.
One year on I am over a stone lighter and dropped 2 dress sizes, I am by no means the lightest I have ever been but certainly the slimmest and fittest.

Wendy; Frampton Cotterell

"Hi Lou, I just wanted to say that I am officially addicted to boot camp. I have NEVER found a fitness session that has kept me motivated the way that you and boot camp do. I have trained at gyms for years but never saw any gains - I obviously wasn't pushing myself hard enough. I push myself really hard during your sessions and my body shape has changed dramatically, which gives me the motivation to keep going. Nick is truely shocked at how much I love going. My core strength is much better and my lower back pain has decreased. I just can't thank you enough.

Lucy; Coalpit Heath

"Having tried most other forms of exercise and failing miserably, I stumbled upon Fitquest Boot camp through Facebook. It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to turn up on my own, I needn't had worried a warm welcome and a fantastic workout awaited me.

Kate; Emersons Green

"I was a regular gym goer attending weekly spin and bodypump classes but I wanted to mix it up a bit and to keep my body guessing.
I found out about the bootcamp sessions and thought I'd give it a go.
I find the outdoor sessions so much more enjoyable than being stuck in a stuffy gym. The routines are challenging yet worthwhile with the afterburn.

Rachel; Downend

"After having my second baby, I found it really hard to see any results from the exercise I was doing.
I joined Fitquest Bootcamps less than 3 months ago and already my personal fitness has increased greatly and I've dropped a dress size!
Louise is extremely encouraging and always mixes up the exercises and equipment, no 2 sessions are ever the same.
Fitquest sessions give you an all over body workout in a friendly and motivating environment, it's addictive!!".

Rachel; Downend
Course taken - Boot Camp

Helen; Coalpit Heath

"Having been a keen runner and gym user for several years I felt it was time to try something new. I have always been fond of training alone however I realised the need to start doing something which would be more challenging and varied. I joined Bootcamp and although I consider myself to be pretty fit, this was a real test of my ability. Louise sets out a variety of exercises that targets different areas of the body so you come away having achieved a full body workout. I was excited to be learning new disciplines and using new apparatus that previously I had no idea how to use!

Mike; Coalpit Heath

"Last month I successfully climbed two peaks in the Alps (Weissmies and Aiguille de Tour) with a group of friends who had all turned 40. Having never mountaineered before, our biggest challenge was to increase our level of fitness so that we could get up and down the mountains in one piece for 5 days.