Timetable, Bookings and Prices


To book your place, email: info@thefitquest.co.uk, book on via Facebook or call on 07973 733159
Places are only secure if full payment is received.



Fitquest Bootcamp - view timetable


£5.00 pay as you go or £40 if you book 10 sessions in advance. (this ticket will be valid for 10 weeks from the date of issue).


Fitquest4Life - view timetable

Core class 

Monday 1930-2030 and Thursday 1830-1930

Sold as a 4 week course (£20). However adhoc places may become available and will be advertised on our Facebook page at £6 per class.

Both classes are at The Manor CofE School in Coalpit Heath, Bristol. You will need an exercise mat.

This class is designed for anyone; we have all levels in the class from marathon runners to people who are returning from injury. We focus on the whole body, working closely on technique/posture/breathing. We aim to get in some relaxation during the class but do have a lot of content to get through. It's probably similar to your pilate classes that you may have been to.

Personal Training

£35.00 per hour or when you book a block of 10 sessions, only pay for 8. (to be used within 12 weeks). 48 hours cancellation is required.


Group Training

£50.00 per hour. 48 hours cancellation is required.


Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

£35.00 per hour or when you book a block of 10 sessions, only pay for 8. (to be used within 12 weeks). 48 hours cancellation is required.


Nutritional Advice

Please email us with more information.

email: info@thefitquest.co.uk or call 07973 733159


Frequently Asked Questions about Bootcamp

How do I join?

Please contact the team on info@thefitquest.co.uk or visit the Fitquest facebook page to book on.

What do I need to bring?

Most importantly you medical ParQ form. This is located under downloads on this website. Please print off and complete this form. If there are any ‘yes’s’ then you will need to seek medical clearance before attending.

You will also need to wear sports clothes and trainers. Please bring water and an old towel and gloves as there are certain times of the year when we are on a hard surface.

Do I need to be ‘fit’ to join?

As long as you are keen and eager, we will get you as fit as you want to be. The sessions are as hard as you make them and we offer progressions and regressions to ensure you are in control. We have all ages, shapes and sizes and we work cohesively.

What is bootcamp?

Fitquest Bootcamp classes are different every class, every class is muscularly balanced and designed to get you fit, strong and healthy. Our objective is to increase athleticism andget people fit. Some classes we use equipment and other classes we use bodyweight.

Why do you change every session?

It’s not to confuse you but to ensure that the body does not plateau and to keep your mind guessing too. If you do the same thing for more than 6 weeks, the body will not adjust anymore.

Are the staff qualified, we have been to other Bootcamps and there seems to be no formal qualifications?

All staff are trained at least to a Level 2 in Fitness and are all qualified First Aiders.

What happens when it rains or snows?

We train outside in all weathers, if we do have to cancel for any reason, this will be disseminated via our Facebook page. In the winter you will need layers, a hat etc. but you will not be cold for long. That’s our job to warm you up correctly and get you ready to take on the session. It is however always a good idea to check our Facebook page to keep in touch. For example, we may advise you to wear trail shoes or football boots if the field is slippery.

How can I pay?

You can pay as you go at £4 per session or buy a block of 10 sessions for £30. This ticket has to be used within 12 weeks and we are happy for you to share the ticket with a family member if you are at the same address. Your ticket will not be accepted after 12 weeks unless you have sought prior authorisation from a staff member.

How do I book on?

Via Facebook, info@thefitquest.co.uk When you arrive we will ask if you would like to book for the next week and a register will be automated.

Are there any rules?

Not really; we don’t take credit, the tickets last for 12 weeks, we ask you to be respectful to all members and to listen to us. If you can no longer attend then please cancel your place.

Our rules are: for you to have fun, get fit, learn about the body, the mind, how to train correctly, how to fuel the body and how to make you as good as you want to be.