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Where it all started

In 2010, I knew that I wanted to embark on something new. My 3 children were all at school and I knew the time was right to throw myself into a new project - I signed up for a Personal Training qualification. When the course was drawing to a close, I quickly realised I wouldn’t have the flexibility with a young family to work on the gym floor. I hastily came up with a plan to train people in my local community.  By May, just a few months after qualifying, I invented Fitquest and this is where it all started and I’ve not looked back once! 



Hey, I’m Lou! I'm married, have 3 children and live in Bristol. My background was not always fitness, I worked in the commercial world until I had Jasper, Alice and Max. I've always been interested in fitness, so in Jan 2011 I decided to take on a PT qualification. Fitquest was born in May 2011, starting off with bootcamps and we quickly moved into specialist weight loss classes and strength and mobility sessions.

My passion for Nutrition grew quickly and I was as confused as you guys with the overwhelming mixed messages out there, so I thought it was time to get to the bottom of it all. I enrolled in Sep 2019 with Mac Nutrition University to become an evidence-based Nutritionist, qualifying in November 2020. I designed an online weight loss programme in 2020 which is proving to be one of the biggest areas of the business.

In the background of the business, I too have gone from strength to strength and have now completed over 14 Marathons, 3 Ultra Marathons and 2 Iron Man races, along with lots of Half Marathons, Half Iron Man races and Strength Comps. My training now is mainly based around strength and conditioning, functional training (FQ bootcamps) and a little running and spin for cardiac health.

I'm very driven and passionate about this industry and my mission is to educate and empower people to live their best life! Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients smash their personal goals!

Lindsay & Nic

Hey I’m Nic. I'm married to Darren and have a son, Billy. My journey with Fitquest started off as a client in 2011, I also went to support my best mate, Lou.  I went to my first session in May 2011 and soon lost the 2 stone I was trying to lose by training and eating well, I literally was fitter than ever and decided to start a Level 2 Fitness Course. My job is so rewarding, watching and supporting others reach their goals to become fitter, healthier and happier people! My areas of expertise are functional training, core and nutrition.



I’m Lindz, married to Bob and mum to Morgan and Harry - I also work in a College in Pastoral Care. Fitquest is a million miles away from what I studied…. Psychology and Criminology. I moved back to Bristol in 2012 and soon heard about Fitquest. The key to exercise is finding something you love, that is not a chore - this is what I found with Fitquest; it was fun, hard and the atmosphere inclusive and positive. This sparked an interest in me and I spoke with Lou and I was soon qualifying to be a Fitness Instructor, I joined the team in November 2012. I ran my first marathon in 2015, something I never thought achievable and I’ve gone on to run many more. My areas of expertise are functional training and endurance training.

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